5 stage Filter Set of Reverse Osmosis System


 1st Stage: 10” Sediment filter 5 micron: Removes dirt, rust and sand particles

2nd Stage: 10” GAC filter: Removes odor and improves taste and removes chlorine and a variety of other chemicals.

3rd Stage: 10” Carbon Block: Removes the remaining chlorine organic from the water which in turn protects the RO membrane.

4th Stage: RO Membrane: This high quality membrane processes approximately 50 gallons or 189 L/day of purified water that is 99% pure. It removes calcium and magnesium to soften the water as well as heavy metals including copper, lead, chromium, barium, , mercury, nitrite, sodium, cadmium, nitrate, fluoride and selenium.

5th Stage: Post Carbon Filter (T33) (Coconut Husk): Removes objectionable tastes and odors from the water to enhance the quality of your purified water.

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